About Me

Hey guys, my name is Cece. I am married to a wonderful man and a mother to 3 beautiful boys, ages 12.5yo, 3.5yo, 2yo. And we have our 7yo furr baby Samantha, who is Corgi-Shepherd mix.

Looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog! I am a stay at home mom that loves DIY projects and other crafts I can think of. And blogging gives me the opportunity to share my love for my family, and my crafts with each of you. I also try to vlog when I get a chance, so managing 3 kids in our simple sometimes chaotic life can be challenging, but wonderful all at the same time. This is my world and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

So I am raising my glass and here is to my first and many more blog posts that I hope everyone will enjoy reading! Please join me and hopefully, you’ll learn something new along the way! ~ CLINK! ~