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My second child was only 1.5yo when my third child was born. When my hubby went back to work from paternity leave, I was left alone with 2 babies at home. I then realized that I had to figure out something. How will I manage 2 babies all by myself? With one wanting to play, and the other wanting to be carried was definitely a new challenge for me. I couldn’t do much work around the house either because the newborn was always crying looking for me.

To be honest, I am still so tired from my other toddler I can’t even think. That is when I jumped into my laptop to do a little research to see if there’s a solution to be found online. How can I make this work?

Babywearing! ..Hmm, it’s not like I never tried this before. My second child did not appreciate it when I used it on him and he would scream.. But now I thought, why not try it again?

I searched online to see what is the best carrier my baby would like.. My goodness, there was tons! And the cost of these items weren’t cheap either.


  1.  Rebozo Knot Baby Sling with a Scarf

I can be so frugal at times that I went into my closet to see if I had anything I could use for practice before I go to the store and buy one. I found a large scarf of mine and I practiced to do the knot that will hold and secure my baby to my body. I practiced till I felt comfortable enough to place my baby inside the wrap.

Once comfortable enough to put my baby in the sling. I swayed and it seemed like, in seconds, I happen to look down and my baby was fast asleep. I was impressed!

I was able to put my baby down and play with my toddler and do other things around our home.

So impressed and excited that I had the urge to make different kinds of slings. I wanted to make sure that I have a clean sling available in case something spills, peed on, etc.


I borrowed my mother-in-law’s sewing machine and bought a tablecloth at Walmart to test it out. (I wish that I took more photos to do the how-tos).


2.  Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

This wrap is 7 yards of fabric that I had purchased at Jo-ann Fabrics Store. I sewed and dyed it myself.

This carry is one of my favorites and it’s called Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). My baby almost instantly falls asleep when I wrap him in this carry. It is what I use almost every night to rock him to sleep.


3.  Ring Sling

This fabric was Linen 100% cotton that I also bought at Jo-ann Fabric Store. I also sewed and dyed it myself.

With this sling, there’s a ring added to it (instead of doing a knot). The process is just faster and it gives a different look but serves the same purpose of doing a rebozo knot in my opinion.


4.  Mei Tai

I bought the Duck fabric and Batman fabric on Amazon and found the pattern online. I sewed and modified it to my liking.

Canvas Duck 10 oz Dyed Solid Fabric BLACK / 60″ W / Sold by the yard

Batman Tossed Emblems Black Fabric By The Yard

(Took this photo just to show my hubby how fast our baby sleeps on these carriers).

5.  Ergobaby

My baby is about 6 months on this photo and definitely weighed more. I could no longer put him in front of me whenever I would work around our home. He was starting to get too bulky for me.

I found Ergobaby carrier that felt secure enough to place my baby on my back. So when I moved around, he would not fall.

My first transfer and my baby did not wake up. This mommy was doing the silent happy dance! 🙂


I love babywearing!



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