• DIY,  Video Series

    Keyboard Decal

    My hubby bought me a MacBook about a year ago, and I have been wanting to decorate my keyboard since then. Debating on whether I should use a printable vinyl, or maybe just purchase the decals online, or could use washi tapes etc…

    I decided to go with the washi tapes because, in my opinion, it is faster and easier to do. Plus, it’s not permanent, which I prefer because I would like to change the stickers every now and then. So do please keep that in mind that these are not permanent on the keyboard. I wanted to share this tutorial and let me know what you all think.

    Here’s a list of the supplies I used:

    Alcohol pad to clean my keyboard
    Washi Tapes – Boho (Michaels)
    Xacto Knife
    Mini Alphabet Stickers (Michaels)

    First, I cleaned the keyboard with an Alcohol pad to remove oil and dirt. Then I just randomly started placing the washi tapes on different keys, and I use my Xacto knife to slice the excess washi tape on both sides. I know that there are washi tapes out there that are tearable. However, these washi tapes has a feel of wax and a slight foil detail on them, which made it difficult for me to tear. Xacto knife was the best tool I could use to do my trimmings.

    Once I was done placing the washi tapes on all the keys. I placed the mini alphabet stickers on top of the keys and voila! It’s that easy and it’s super pretty, I just love it!



  • DIY,  Video Series

    Fire Prop for Halloween less than $10 to make

    Made a fire prop for Halloween for less than $10 to make. My toddlers and I walked around the corner of our neighborhood to see if we could find some branch or wood sticks. Then we went to the nearest Walmart to purchase some materials that are needed, and some were found in our household.

    Materials used:

    Great Stuff Spray Foam
    Color-Place Spray Paint (Flat Black)
    Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover 2X (Red)
    (2) Mini Lights from Dollar Tree
    Wood sticks
    Bucket (optional)
    Plastic wrap (optional)
    Safety glasses (recommended)


    So first make sure that you have a medium-large cardboard to use, where you will be doing your project. This is to protect the flooring from the spray foam and spray paint.

    I wrapped the bucket with a plastic wrap to protect the bucket from the spray foam (in case we are going to use the bucket for something else). Placed the mini lights over the bucket where I want them to be, and then I grabbed the Great Stuff spray foam can and just sprayed in random places. Once I’m done spraying, I immediately placed some of the sticks over the foam wherever I like.

    The next step is, I started with the red spray paint and lightly sprayed randomly around the foam. Just to get the fire effect. Then the last step was to spray with the black spray paint, lightly sprayed randomly around the foam and let it dry.

    I am so pleased with the outcome of the fire prop, my hubby and our boys loved it!


  • DIY

    Painted Minecraft Decor

    Minecraft Canvas Art

    Summer of 2016, is when we had moved to a new city and my eldest son was a little sad because he was leaving his friends from his school. It’s always tough to watch for a mother to witness when their child is unhappy. My son tries to convince me that he’s just fine. But as a mother, you always know when there is sadness hovering over her child.

    My son felt distant for a couple of weeks, so one morning I got all my kids to go with me to Jo-ann’s Craft, Michael’s, and Home Depot to pick up some supplies to create Minecraft decor. So we can start doing projects for my eldest sons bedroom. This would be a fun thing to do and something to talk about with my son.

    Materials used:

    • 8×8 Canvas
    • Acrylic paints
    • Paint Brushes (different sizes)
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Ice tray (used for placing or mixing paint)
    • Bowl of water (used for rinsing the paint brush)
    • Newspaper (used to protect our dining table)
    • Example drawing found on Pinterest

    First, we used a ruler to mark 1″ increments from left to right, up and down on the canvas. Then, laid out newspaper to protect our dining table and we started painting.


    Minecraft Dresser


    I needed a tall dresser for my sons room and found this on Offer Up for $20. First, I laid out a tarp to protect the carpeting and moved the dresser on top of it. Wiped down the dresser, to make sure that it’s clean and smooth. Then remove the handles off the dresser.

    Materials used:

    • Tarp
    • Green paint
    • Black paint
    • Painters tape
    • Mod podge
    • Paint/Foam brushes

    I purchased a couple sample containers of the green paint at Home Depot. One small container was more than enough to use for this dresser. My son helped me picked the appropriate color that matches the Minecraft character (Creeper).

    As soon as we got home, I started by wiping the dust and dirt out of the dresser. Prepared and placed the painter’s tape for the eyes/nose/frown mouth (I have no measurements for this because I was just eyeballing it). Once the painter’s tape is done.

    I painted the dresser with green paint and let it dry (repeat this process for bolder color). Then remove the painter’s tape slowly and let it dry.

    Next, I used my smaller paintbrush with black paint for the eyes/nose/frown mouth and let it dry (repeat this process for bolder color), Once it’s dry, then used Mod Podge to seal it and let it dry overnight










  • Cricut,  DIY

    Pokemon and Friends Birthday Banner

    Pokemon Birthday Theme

    My eldest son Ethan turned 12-year-old and told me that he did not want a party for his birthday. It was fine, but I still wanted to make decorations for him to celebrate his birthday.

    Pokemon Go was a big thing last year, and I knew he liked them as well as Super Mario and Roblox. So I made a few things to make it a little more festive when we sing “Happy Birthday” and when we cut his birthday cake.

    Supplies used:

    Black Ribbon

    I used my Cricut Explore Air machine to help me cut the shapes, letters all the way to the characters (see Disney Cars and Paw Patrol).

    I started with black cardstock paper, cutting them into circles (about 4 – 5 inches across). For the red and white cardstock paper, these are cut into smaller circles (about 3.5 – 4.5 inches across). Then cut both colors in half. Place half of the red, and half of the white on top of the black cardstock. There should be a small black strip exposed on the left and right side of this circle shape, along with a black circle in the middle (this is the foundation of the black circle (please refer to the image).

    Then cut a smaller circle (white cardstock) that will be placed and glued in the middle (please refer to the image). Then place and glue the black cardstock letters on top of the white circle.

    Once you’re done, you can use a single hole puncher to create 2 holes on the top of the letters. This is where you will be inserting the black ribbon to make the banner. Adjust the length if needed, then use thumb-tack to hang and voila!


  • Cricut,  DIY

    Paw Patrol Birthday Theme

    I have mentioned to my children that my youngest birthday was coming up and my 3-year-old son Jacob had an idea and asked me if I can make Paw Patrol for his little brothers birthday.  Matthew, my youngest was turning 2 years old and he loves Chase and Skye in Paw Patrol. I had about a month and a half to plan, create the banner and wall decorations for his birthday.

    So one morning, after we dropped off my eldest son to school. My toddlers and I headed to Michael’s to get what we needed to make the birthday decorations. Michael’s cardstock paper was on sale for 5/$10, I was thrilled. Because not only that the cardstock paper was on sale, all the colors that I needed were also available.

    There were so many different shades in different colors, it was starting to get difficult to choose which color I should get. It’s a good thing I brought my 3-year-old son with me because he has the eyes for the colors, and I know, he knows exactly which ones I should get.


    I finished putting Chase together first and Matthew was so happy to see his favorite Paw Patrol is in our living room. Even gave him a kiss, thought that was so precious. So excited to make the other characters.

    This project was easy and fast for me because I own a Cricut Explore that cuts the cardstock into pieces like they were puzzles (see my other blog on Disney Cars and Pokemon).

    I would think this can also be done manually by printing, tracing, cutting by hand. It would definitely take some time and a little of imagination to finish it, but it can be done if you don’t a cutter.