Giant Ruler

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Supplies needed:

(1) 1” x 8” x 6″ Pine board
Fine sandpaper
Rags/brushes for application (optional)
Printer paper (for the number 1 thru 6 stencils)
Acrylic paint (Black)
Thin paint brush
This was a fathers day gift for my hubby. I had bought the wood at Home Depot. Made sure I checked that there were no big cracks nor anything that may look warped.I had to order the stain online, Minwax Stain – Golden Oak since nowhere nearby me had it in stock. My husband bought me a sander in the past Ryobi Corner Cat Finish Sander (Green), but you can also use 1-2 sheets of the fine sander and manually do it yourself.
I’ve cut up old shirts to use for staining the wood. Then printed numbers 1 through 6 as stencils (you can choose your own font and size).
I started sanding the wood by using a fine sandpaper. (In my case, I had to use my Ryobi sander due to pains in my hand.) After sanding, I just wipe off the dust with a rag. Then I applied the stain on the rag and rubbed it on the wood. Let the first coat dry. You can apply a second coat if you’d like. (FYI, this will give you a darker tone.)

***I’ve seen some people put a third coat stain… I wouldn’t recommend because it can get too dark. But it’s completely up to you*** (Just keep in mind that the numberings are black, and you would want these numbers to pop.)

Once it was dry, I got my pencil and ruler to start marking the ruler.

Marked the first 6″, which makes that the first foot (1) of the ruler (NOTE: The ruler will be 6″ away from the floor).

Then I continued to measure and mark increments of 12″ (3″ long)

Then, increments of 1/2″ foot (2.5″ long)

Next, increments of 1/4″ foot (2” long)

Now that I’ve got the markings down. I just used my thin paintbrush and black acrylic paint to go over the top of the markings.

As for the fonts, you can use any font you like at 200pt. And I just lined up each of the numbers next to the left side of the “foot” markings.

The wood was pretty soft, so I pressed on the pencil just a little harder and it made an indentation on the wood.

Then I grabbed my thin paintbrush and black acrylic paint and just went over the lines.

Once the acrylic paint was dry. I used Mod Podge to seal it. Some use polyurethane spray, but I prefer Mod Podge.

Then I left it overnight to dry.

The next morning I could not wait to see how it turned out and it was great!

Then I placed the saw-tooth picture hanger on the wood.

I just made sure to measure up 6” from the floor and get a measuring tape to verify the ruler is placed correctly on the wall.

My husband and kids loved it! This was a fathers day gift for him, so he can mark our boys’ growth. It’s such a fun thing for a father and kids to do.

Our boys get so excited and races to go against it, just to see if they’ve grown or not haha.

It’s adorable, fun and makes great memories…

If you’re interested in purchasing products used, please see links below.

Minwax 221024444 Wood Finish Penetrating Interior Wood Stain, 1/2 pint, Golden Oak

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish (16-Ounce), CS11202 Gloss Finish

eBoot 100 Pack Sawtooth Picture Frame Hanging Hangers Double Hole with Screws, 1 1/2 Inch, Black

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