Pokemon Birthday Theme

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My oldest son Ethan turned 12yo and did not want a party for his birthday. Pokemon Go was a big thing last year, plus I knew he liked them. So I made a few things to make it a little more festive when we sing “Happy Birthday” to him and when we cut his birthday cake.

I made a birthday banner and some characters that he liked.

I bought cardstock paper and ribbon at Michael’s, and balloons at Dollar Tree.


Materials used:

  • Cardstocks
  • Black Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Thumbtack
  • Balloons

I have a die cutter that cuts these banners for me, shapes to letters all the way to the characters (found on google).

* I started with black cardstock paper by cutting them into circles (about 4 – 5 inches across).

* For the red and white cardstock paper. These are cut into smaller circles (about 3.5 – 4.5 inches across). Then cut it in half. Place half of the red and half of the white on top of the black cardstock. There should be a small black strip exposed on the left and right side of this circle shape, along with a black circle in the middle (this is the foundation of the black circle (Please refer to the image above).

* Then I’ve cut another smaller circle (white cardstock) that will be placed and glued in the middle.

* Then I placed and glued the black cardstock letters I’ve cut up with my die-cutter.

* Once all the letters were done, I used the single hole puncher to make 2 holes on top of each of the letters.

* I inserted the black ribbon on the holes, adjust the length if needed. Used thumb-tack to hang and voila!

(As for the characters, I am working on explaining that on another tutorial).


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