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Is it weird that I jot down random things that my kids would say to me? Or any kind of precious conversations I would hear from them? Call me crazy, but I thought some are hilarious or just so preciously sweet that I love to share it with my friends and family on my Facebook page.

I always thought that writing things down is a great idea.. I felt the need for it, especially when my first born started talking. It was a very emotional time for the both of us, because I waited so long for him to speak. I wanted to treasure the out-loud thoughts of his, his feelings and so forth. I remember that it did not matter whatever it was that came out of his little mouth. I am just so thankful that he is talking and that he is telling me everything.

I now have 2 more boys, and I do the same thing with them. I write things down and share it to my Facebook news-feed. The toddler talk conversations cracks me up, because I have no idea what they are talking about and they totally get each other. Super precious and funny.

As I am getting older, I am noticing my memory isn’t the same as it was before. Who knows my memory could be completely gone any day, right?

Matthew asks his Daddy if he would help him draw. And Daddy does. Once they were done, Matthew runs in the bedroom to show me.
Matthew: Look Mommy? (showing me the drawing).
Mommy: Who did that?
Matthew doesn’t say anything, but points at himself.
Mommy: You drew this? Oh wow, you did a great job!
He runs out of the bedroom, and goes to his Daddy in the living room.
Matthew: Look what I drew Daddy? (and whispers, it’s our secret Daddy that I drew this).
Daddy: Ohhh that looks really good Matthew.

As we were walking to Jacobs school, I said to the boys that I had an idea.. How about we stop by the gate and have Jacob start practicing to go to his class on his own.
Jacob: Why?
Mom: Its just a practice baby, you will be so great at this.. We will do our hugs, kisses n i love yous out by the gate.. I added, “oh n dont forget, Rex is about to have an adventure with you today.
Jacob agrees, walked away with no hesitation😎
This mommys heart hurts a little😢, but I am so so so proud of him❤️🙏🏼
*sigh* i love my boys❤️❤️❤️
#abcbootcamp #letterDday #firsttimes❤️

In bed, asking Matthew to lower his voice down because Daddy is sleeping and has an early flight tomorrow.
Matthew: Mommy, do I have to take care of you?
Me: yep, thats what daddy said.
Matthew: But i dont know how to take care of people.
Me: Well, what does Mommy and Daddy do to take care of you?
Matthew: (thinking) gives me lots of hugs? Thats easy Mommy.
❤️🧒🏻#ilovemyboys #weloveyouhoney😘 #besafe🙏🏼❤️

So Jacob and I saw a huge snake the other day when I picked him up after school.. He cried because he thought I was gonna die.. But am relieved that he didn’t step on it when he was running..
So this morning, we were walking to his school he’s holding hands with Matthew and im holding Matthew… We’re now on a sidewalk..
Jacob: Mommy, why am I on this side by the bushes? What if the snake gets me? (he was not happy😠)
Me: Theres no snake Jacob.. But I can go on that side and you hold Matthews hand on this side (so we switch, Matthew still in the middle and we started walking).
Jacob: Well mommy, what if a car hits me?😧
Me: You’re fine Jacob, just dont step out of the sidewalk.. But we can switch again if you need to?
(Silence for a minute, and we continued to walk)
Jacob: Weelll, so which one is more painful the snake bite or a car hitting me?
I couldnt help it, I just LOL😂💖 #ilovemyboys #funnymoments
#ithinkitraumatizedmykids #whenachildcontemplates🤣

On our way to Michaels and he shows me the lanyard around his neck.
Mom: Ooo that is so cool! Where did u get that?
Matthew: I got this yesteryear with daddy at the stowe (store)..
Me: Oh yea?
Matthew: Yea Mommy.. I dont know why this man gave it to me but the man said coz I’m special.. But I dont know why he said that, I’m not special, I’m Matthew.
😂love him, too cute!
#ilovemyboy #precioustalks #toddlertalk

My boys running around, can drive me crazy.. So this morning while I’m cooking I tell them, “Hey look, Mommy can jump with no noise! ..Jacob was in shock.. He loves challenges, so I asked him, “let’s see if you can do it?”.. and so he does it.. Then i said, “ooooh I bet you can run with no noise too?!” (with excitement voice – LOL in my head) ..yep, he was motivated to do it and he did it!
Then matthew copies😂..
I think my job on that is done.. I hope it sticks! Good morning!😍❤️
#ilovemykids #momlife #reversepsychologywins

Matthew: mommyyyy (running away from jacob) ..jacob is gonna wok me in my face..
Mom: what? work you? (trying to figure this out)
Matthew: noooo, he’s gonna wok me!
Mom: (still dont understand) ..he’s gon-na work you?
Matthew: nooooo (frustrated, about to cry)
Mom: booboo i dont know what you’re saying.. ok, why dont you show me what wok is?
Matthew: with his tongue!!
Mom: huh, you mean lick you??
Matthew: yessss, it gwoss! ..he said he’s the dinosaur, but i don’t want to be owennn.. tell him!
My headache got worse trying to put that sentence together LOL
#ilovepeppapigbutnomore #toddlertalk #momlife

In bed, enjoying the quietness, n jacob sees that matthew is not by me..
Jacob: mommy, are you sad coz ur all alone? (crawling towards me)
Me: no boo, im not sad.. sometimes, i like to be alone.
Jacob: well mommy, ur in the wrong family..
Made me LOL😂 *sigh* i love my kids❤️
#thingstoddlersay #loveandfamily❤️ #blessed🙏🏼

Mom: C’mon Matthew, were gonna go see grandpa..
Matthew: (pauses with a huh look) mommy, are u talking about the grandpa i miss?
Me: yes booboo, lets go say hi😊❤️

1.5 hour after breakfast..
Jacob: mommy, can you pls make us a sandwich?
Mom: sure.. what kind of sandwich you guys want?
Jacob: we want a jelly, cheese, and chicken sandwich🥪
Mom: what? lol 🤢😂
#toddlerscravings #ilovemyboys

Preparing dinner..
Jacob: mommy, close ur eyes! now open them?😁
Me: 😱 oh wow! thank you jacob, u helped mommy a lot😁👍🏼💙(matthew started crying😢)
Me: whats wrong with matthew?
Jacob: i think he wanted to pick up.. matthew, you should’ve helped me pick up..
(matthew cried louder😭, lol in my head😂)
Jacob: (in a hurry) dont worry matthew, ill dump em out, hurry pick up before daddy comes home!
Me: oh great🤦🏻‍♀️😂
#toyseverywhere #jacobtotherescue #brotherlylove #sillyboys #funtolistentocozitsmyboys

Bullet journaling n i hear my toddlers arguing, whining calling each other animal names..
matthew: no jacob, ur a chicken
jacob: i dont wanna play with u any more
matthew: aw but ill be sad ☹️
jacob: ok, say sorry to me
matthew: sowee baby
jacob: its ok. but ur the pink one, n im the blue one..
😂💜🤪#toofunny #toddlertalk #mommygiggling

Matthew sitting on the couch.. lifts up his shirt, staring at his tummy..
Mom: what’s the matter matthew?
Matthew: (looks at me n pauses) ..you put too much food in my tummy, now my tummy hurt
Mom: ohh ok (smiling)
Matthew: but i want milk
lol too precious *sigh* i love my kids <3 #theygrowsofast #blessed

Watching movie.. jacob’s fiddling with my fingers..
Jacob: mommy, your nails are long.. you need to cut them..
Mom: its ok boo, ill cut them tom.. mommys tired..
(quietness… or so i thought)
Jacob: mommy.. when i become a big boy, ill cut your nails for you..
Mom: aww lol thanks boo.. thats very sweet of you (💙my heart just melted)😍🙏🏼❤️ #momofboys #lovemyboys #sweetboys #blessed❤️

Having a moment while driving, and I hear my toddlers whispering at the backseat..
Matthew: Why mommy sad baby?
Jacob: No Matthew, it’s ok. Mommy said that sometimes, girls cry when they get happy..
I LOL while driving!! 😂💙🤣
🙏❤️ #tearsofjoy #truelove #blessed #godisgood

I hear my boys whispering n cuddling under my chair.. Jacob securing Matthew n Sam..
Jacob: its ok Matthew, its ok ill protect you.
Matthew: ok baby.
Jacob: are you happy now?
Matthew: yes baby.
They caught me taking pics n I asked, “what were they doing?”
Jacob: theres a ghost mommy, were waiting for the police to find us.
😂😍😘 #ilovemyboys #brotherlylove #funnytoddlers #momofboys💙 #momlife

Matthew keeps going back and forth (3x) asking me for a cookie🍪for him and Jacob.. He runs in the room n I hear them..
Matthew: (whining) babyyyy, mommy said nooo moreeee
Jacob: no more? ..try it one more time.. be cute!😍
LOL! 😂💙💙💙***sigh*** #ilovemyboys #nicetry #toddlertalk

Playing whats this, whats that with matthew.. eyes, hands, wall, blanket, etc he got them all.. Mommys turn..
Matthew: mommy, u know errthing
Me: Yes I do boo (lol in my head)
Matthew: U know errthing like me (points at his chest)
#precious #enjoyingeverysec #theygrowsofast #lovemykids #goodmorning #timetomakebfast

Jacob: mommy! matthew is making bubbles mess!
Me: oh yea.. ok, please ask him not to make a mess
Jacob: (yells) its ok mommy, i will clean it up!


(late post from last night) .. so the boys sees their dad has a cut on the side of his foot..
Jacob: Daddy! ..u got hurt! ..R u ok?
Daddy: Yea
Jacob: its ok Daddy ill fix it
(runs) goes n gets his sticker book, grabs a sun sticker n slaps it on to his Daddys foot
Jacob: there u go🌞 (n kisses it😘) all better❤️
Matthew just hugs daddys leg n also kisses his foot❤️
#nomorebooboo #dadofboys #kidslovestheirdaddy #blessed

Standing in the kitchen n Matthew comes crying to me..
Me: whats wrong booboo? ..u want something?
Matthew: cheeee
Me: you want cheese?
Matthew: (cries) no, cheeee
Me: cheese? u wanna eat cheese?
Matthew gets frustrated, so i called Jacob coz he would know..
Me: Booboo, please ask Matthew what he wants..
Jacob: Natchoo, what do u want?
Matthew: cheeee
Me: Does he want cheese?
Jacob : No he doesnt want cheese, he wants Lightning Mcqueen!
Me: (looking down at Matthew) …awww you want Lightning Mcqueen??
Matthew: uh huh (nods n smiles) 😍❤🏎
Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️ oh hahaha ok.. Jacob, please help me find the car for him? 🤣LOL
#hilarious #getwiththeprogrammommy #toddlertalk #onlythese2understandseachother #brotherlylove #1syllablevs4syllables #toddlersonpoint👍🏼❤ #ilovemyboys #momofboys #1ofmyfavoritemoments

Jacob found a cell phone at the store and shows me..
Jacob: mommy, I wanna get this
Me: oh I don’t think that’s for sale boo, someone must’ve left it and forgot. (I placed it the cart) ..we have to find who it belongs to and give it back..
Jacob: awww but why mommy? I wanna buy it (head down)
Me: coz it doesn’t belong to you boo.. and guess what?! 🙂 .. they will thank you that you found it, and gave it back to them.. you’re gonna make them happy, isn’t that nice? 🙂
Jacob: (smiling and hops with arms in the air) ok mommy <3
LOL thank goodness he took it well 🙂
*sigh* I love my boys <3 <3 <3
#mypreciousboys #myboysfattenmyheartallthetime #momofboys #itstartsfromhome #beautyoftoddlerhood #blessed

Every morning, after we drop off ethan to school, my toddlers just go back n forth with each other 😊☀️🚐❤️ (jacob tattles)
Jacob: mommy! ..natchoo wont let me talk.. is not fair!
Me: oh yea, let him finish talking then u can take ur turn.
Jacob: get a police officer.. natchoo u go in the cage.
Me: oh no boo, thats not nice (haha in my head)
#toddlerslife #ilovemyboys

While designing on the table☕️, I hear Jacob teaching matthew what is what, then i hear him says “good job matthew👍🏼👏🏼” 😂💜 *sigh* i love my boys ❤️❤️❤️ #myheartjustmelted #brotherlylove #anythingwithwheels #waitingfordaddy

So happy ethan had a great day on his first day of school!😊👍🏼
*sigh* i love my boys

Jacob tells me he wants to go to school, and that hes taking matthew with him 🖍📚😬💜#timeisjustflyingby #2moreyears #ilovemyboy

So when matthew woke up this am, got off the bed, took off his diaper n threw the diaper at me #idontknowwhatcameoverhim ..maybe its his way to say good morning coz he was smiling when it woke me up 😂❤️ #kidsdoesthedarndestthings

While making breakfast, matthew is playing by my feet n jacob is hugging sam.. Im busy stirring n jacob started talking to me about sam..
Jacob: mommy.. mommy, sam is sad (in a sad voice)
Me: oh yea? aw, why is sam sad?
Jacob: coz daddy go to wok! (work)
Me: aww tell her daddy will be back, he took sasa to school.. then give her hugs n kisses
Jacob: oh ok mommy (n i hear these big kisses) 😘
*sigh* i love my kids ❤️❤️❤️

The day is finally here, ethans 6th grade camp, n he’s really excited.. anxiety is settling n i managed to tell him to enjoy, be safe n call if he needs us.. he tells me not to worry coz i might have a heart attack 😳😂
*sigh* i love my boy

Jacob woke up crying n kuya ethan to the rescue.. good morning! 😀
*sigh * i love my boys

My son ran in my bedroom last night and asked if he can talk to me for a minute.
Son: Mama, what did God say when he gave me to you?
Me: (thinking) Well, God said, “Ceceh, here is Ethan.. He is for you to love and care for forever..
My son looked at me for a few seconds and says sweetly, “Thank you Mama, I love you.
**sigh** Brought tears of joy :*) ..I am so blessed with my son!

Told my son that I had a bad dream last night, and I asked him if he heard me screaming? Did I wake him up in the middle of the night?
Son: No Mama, I didn’t hear you. I was at the forest looking for my Lion Zord.
lol, my boy is such a cutie pie.. love him!


My sons father is here to take our son to a birthday party.
Mom: It’s cold outside Bubba, do you just wanna stay with Mama?
Son: Yes Mama, I’ll stay for 5 more mins and then I go with Papa.
I lol.. I love him.

My son lost his red Power Ranger head for his watch at Balboa Park.. And he tells me before going to bed, that he hopes that the cleaning people at Balboa finds it and calls us.

My son asked me if I can move our bed against the wall..
Mom: I asked why?
Son: So, I wont fall off the bed.
Mom: But you never fell off the bed Bubba. Plus, I have to ask your Papa to help me move it. Because it’s heavy.
Son: I’ll help you Mama. I’ll eat all my vegetables so I can be strong to help you.
Mom: Aw, thank you Bubba.

I love 6yo children conversations! ..So simple, so fun to listen to..
Boy: I cant climb this wall
Girl: You cant, because you’re too small
Boy: Well, I want to go on top of the roof
Girl: You can’t go up there. Because if you fall you will crack your head
Boy: Well, I have a helmet
Girl: (paused) still….

My son is wide awake 4 in the morning..
Mom: Good morning Bubba.
Son: (smiles) Good morning Mama.
Mom: So did you have a good dream?
Son: (sits up) Yes mama. Me and my cousins are gonna feed the little Bisons. I asked Lolo (grandfather) to pick 5 apples for me, so we can give it to the Bison Appa and the baby ones.
(the end)

Fed, bathe, and brushed my sons teeth and I tell him it’s time for bed.. He jumps in the bed and tells me that he’s going to have a good dream.
Mom: What dream do you think you’ll have Bubba?
Son: I cant tell you Mama, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning.

My child runs to me this morning, and shows me that he folded his Super Mario blanket for the very first time.. Great job Bubba!

Driving home.. Me and my son passes by the preschool he went to when he was just 4 years old.. I said, “oh look Bubba, it’s your old school”.
Son: I don’t like that school Mama, I always cry.
Mom: Why Bubba, why did you always cry?
Son: Because I miss you Mama.
Ugh, I felt the pinch in my heart.

My son hops on my bed and gives me hugs.. I hug him back and I tell him that he’s my number 1!
Son: You’re my number 2 Mama.
Mom: Huh? Who’s your number 1 Bubba?
Son: ME!!
LOL, love our mornings!

Me and my son went to Chuck E. Cheese and as I’m pulling in the parking lot.. he asked me a question.
Son: Mama, what do you want to be when u grow up?
Mom: Um, I just want to be a mother and a pilot.
Son: Well mama, I want you to be a happy gardner with lots of pretty flowers..

My 6yo son wanted to leave his slippers outside the front door..
Mom: Oh, dont leave it there Bubba. You should just keep it inside the house by the front door.
Son: Why?
Mom: Because someone might take it and you’ll be very upset.
Son: Well Mama, what is the police’s phone number?
I froze before I can answer.. I hesitated, because what if one of his toys went missing?? LOL

My 6yo son got an award today..

1st Grade

My 6yo son having snacks while watching his cartoon..
Mom: Is that the boys mom?
Son: No, his mom is big.
Mom: Huh, his mom is dead?
Son: No.. Big.. Like you Mama..
Mom: Oh.. big..

I asked my son how did he do his math homework so fast? .. He placed his forefingers at each side of his temples n sweetly answers, “I did it with my brain Mama”.

Thinking outloud and I mentioned to my son that it was our dog’s Krunch’s birthday today.
Son: Where is Krunch mama?
Mom: He is up in heaven with God.
Son: Mama, what is Gods phone number?
Mom: Why?
Son: I wanna call him so he can tell Krunch I said Happy Birthday.

Laying in bed I was telling my son that Mama and Papa loves him veeerrrryyyyy much..
Son: Mama, i love myself too!

My sons dad was telling me that Ethan got emotional watching power rangers with him.. The story was “A boy lost his father from the war…. The boy had a baseball game, and power ranger gathered the community to wish the little boy good luck.. And suddenly, the boys fathers ghost appears, wishing his son goodluck..”
Ethan began crying.
Dad: Why was he crying?
Ethan: Because I was happy for the boy.

I apologized to my 6yo son for being so forgetful.
Son: Why?
Mom: Because mama’s brain is getting old.
Son: Well mama, you need to get a new one.

My 6yo son eating snacks, and crumbs are just all over the couch.. I show him how to place his hands under his chin when he takes his bites.. he looked at me and asked
Son: Why mama?
Mom: So that crumbs are not all over, or ants will come for them.
Son: Well, i want to leave it so they can eat.

My 6yo son asked me to go watch tv in the living room.
Mom: Dont u want to talk to mama before going to sleep?
Son: No thank you, lets just talk tomorrow.

Leaving the house to drop off my 6yo son to school and I yelled out,
Mom: Ethan, it’s time……. to JAM!” (I started dancing).
Son: Stop mama (give me a pretty serious look).
I guess, we dont have the same ethusiasm that morning LOL

Reminded my son his job… To put 1 cup of dog food in the girls bowls.. Thanked him and he answers as he walk away, “It’s my pleasure mama!” ..lol too cute!

Heading to go home and waiting for the green light to come on.. I see a man holding a sign “I’m homeless” with 2 hearts painted on it..
So i handed $5.00, and my son sitting at the backseat asks,
Son: Who is that man mama?”
Mom: I don’t know him.
Son: Why did you give him money, what did you buy?
Mom: I didnt buy anything.. I gave him money, so he can buy food to eat. He is a homeless person, who does not have a house or any dollar or coins.
Son: That is so sad mama.. he has no mailbox.

My son grabs his stuff out of his backpack to go into the classroom.. I call for him, he then tells me,
Son: Mama, I dont want to give you a hug and a kiss anymore.

Having a little conversation with my 6yo son.
Mom: Sometimes its alright to make a mistake.
Son: But Mama, you do it all the time
(I’m speechless… we were just talking about the cereal)

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